Hi everyone! I’m not sure if anyone will read this but this my first blog so I just wanted to start by saying hello. My life is pretty crazy! Stupid things like to happen too me a lot, and sometimes I just do really crazy things for no apparent reason. I’m the person that everyone keeps telling the same stories about at Christmas and Thanksgiving and Easter every year, and laughing like crazy! I have to laugh too though because its just crazy!

I’m hoping my blog will help people laugh and maybe give others a little hope and inspiration to keep pushing on, because some bad stuff has happened to me too. But all of that is for another day. I will leave u with today’s ditzy moment. I put my medicine in my coffee 🍵this morning as usual to take and then proceeded to open the microwave door and put my medicine in there to take care of it. I realized what I was doing as I was closing the door. I then took it back out of the microwave and put it away shaking my head the whole time. Turning 46 was going to be a longgggg day!


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